Q. Is an MOT the same as a service?

A. The MOT check is a government-instigated safety inspection. Whilst it is a very thorough check, it has its limitations: for example, brakes are tested for performance on a machine, but the wheels are not removed for checks on brake-lining wear. This is why REGULAR SERVICING IS SO VERY IMPORTANT in conjunction with the annual MOT inspection. SERVICING IS A NECESSITY. A well looked-after car will not only provide you with more trouble-free motoring, it prolongs the life of the car. A documented service history is highly desirable when proposing to sell your vehicle, thus enhancing its value.

Q. What is the purpose of the service?

A. Within the service we check and test an extensive list of items that are liable to wear over time (a service check-list is available): for example, brake components - these may involve visual checks or testing. Certain recommended service items are replaced: for example, engine oil, filters and spark plugs. Additional service items are replaced at different service intervals according to age and mileage; for example: cam belt, anti-freeze and brake fluid change. SERVICING IS PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE - it allows us to identify potential problems and forewarn you of any likely maintenance expense. Often breakdowns or major problems arise because early warning signs were not detected.

Q. What is included in a fixed price service?

A. Engine oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, service sundries and the basic service labour charges. Costs of parts and labour on additional items found to be in need of replacement at certain intervals are at extra cost.

Q. I have just purchased the car - what service should I have?

A. The car may not have a service history, therefore we recommend that you let us carry out a major service initially. This way we can assess its overall condition. When the vehicle is returned to you, we will have carried out a thorough inspection, enabling us to report on further maintenance needs.


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